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Hot Stove Info: Meetings, Contracts, Call-Ups, Awards

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

So far into the off-season, the window to negotiate exclusively with their free agent’s period has come and gone, with no deals done for the Yankees.  However, that doesn’t mean that GM Brian Cashman and the rest of the Yankees front office hasn’t been busy.  To recap so far…

  • Yankee brass has met with Jeter’s agent Casey Close, and it has been noted over the Internet and airwaves that “all parties agree a deal is going to get done.”   This, to me, is not real news.  News would be if the meeting went horribly and Jeter decides to take his talents elsewhere because of a low-ball offer.  (But I am pleased that things went well)
  • Cashman flew to Arkansas to meet with Cliff Lee.  No contract submission yet, but I would bet that the Yankee GM wasn’t selling New York to the lefthander, wearing his ’09 ring to show off to the pitcher that has missed out in the last two World Series matchups.
  • Jorge Posada will primarily be a DH in 2011, with Jesus Montero most likely getting around 100 starts as a rookie.  Who isn’t excited to have both of their bats in the lineup next year?  Side note: Will be interesting to see the battle from Spring Training on for the third catcher spot, with fist-pumping extraordinaire Frankie Cervelli and fellow homegrown backstop Austin Romine.  Let’s see how Jorge adjusts to his new role.  (And I’m not going to link to any Laura Posada twitter reactions, because the account hasn’t been verified yet).
  • The Yankees will also meet with Gil Patterson on Thursday, who was a Yankee coach before becoming a “roving instructor” for the Oakland A’s.  He’s my personal choice to be the new pitching coach for the club.
  • Jeter, Cano, and Teixeira won the Rawlings Gold Glove awards for their positions in the American League.

With the end of the regular season, it’s time to hand out the awards.  The Gold Gloves have already been handed out, and here’s the dates for the remaining awards:

Nov. 15: AL & NL Rookie of the Year

Nov. 16: NL Cy Young

Nov. 17: AL & NL Manager of the Year

Nov. 18: AL Cy Young

Nov. 22: NL MVP

Nov. 23: AL MVP

Yanks ink Girardi and his Binder for 3 More Years

October 28, 2010 2 comments

Today the Yankees officially announced that manager Joe Girardi and the team have come to terms on a 3-yr, $9 million deal.  Girardi’s binder still has a prominent place on his desk and in the dugout for 2011 and beyond.

The Associated Press confirms that Girardi can earn $500,000 bonuses based on team performances.

Girardi has been suspect to drawing heat from fans and the media after a few questionable moves this postseason, in which the Yankees lost in six games to the Texas Rangers.

Personally, I agree with bringing Girardi back.  I’m not going to judge the Yankees manager based on the last two weeks, I think you have to survey his three years as the manager, which resulted in two playoff appearances and one World Series ring.  He wasn’t the reason they were ousted against Texas.

Replacing Girardi really seemed like more of a hassle, and I still feel like he’s the right man for the job.  Discounting Joel Sherman’s opinion that Girardi is “deceitful” towards the media, I feel like Girardi has a good wrap with the beat writers, based on post-game interviews followed by reading their articles the next morning.

More importantly, I feel like Girardi is on the same page as Brian Cashman and the front office.  They all share the same view and plans for the young stars, as well as the treatment of the aging veterans.

Now that the position at the top is filled, there are plenty of issues to address with the Yankees roster, starting with contract negotiations with the Captain.  With one order of business finished now that Girardi remains the skipper, the free agent frenzy can commence with everyone making moves on the same page.

I thought I’d share this, as the binder’s a recent follower of mine on Twitter:

“Heard this:”

July 24, 2010 1 comment

We’re less than a week away from the Trade Deadline.  Which means MLB Trade Rumors is where I spend my break at work on my phone, and I’ve upped my Twitter game in the last two weeks.

One thing I’ve caught on to that I get a kick out of every time i see it…. Buster Olney‘s “heard this.”  As of 11pm Saturday night, 9 of his last 20 tweets start with the phrase.  They’re not even Insider worthy information either (Obvious Buster is obvious)!

The most interesting news I’ve heard is about the Yankees being the front runners for Dan Haren in a possible swap with Arizona.  This deal could or could not involve Joba Chamberlain, but money seems to be the issue.  I would deal Joba, the same Joba that I own a pinstriped 08 jersey of, the same Joba that I may or may not name my next english bulldog after, the same Joba that I have a 6 foot Dunkin Donuts cardboard standee of.

Two things to be wary of regarding all of the news this week: taking news with a grain of salt & user comments and. I jumped the gun too soon a few weeks ago after the Cliff Lee deal fell short at the 1-yard line, informing friends and family of the “imminent deal.”  I learned that the media can be used for manipulation in trade talks.  I’m trying not to let it happen again with Haren.

  • Heard this: don’t believe it’s a done deal until the team’s PR person says it, not some beat writer.

Next, is to steer clear of any comments sections.  This is where original ideas such as trade proposals stem from.  Where we trade Jesus Montero for David Ortiz because we need a DH.

  • Heard this: “Your trade proposal sucks.” (h/t to RAB)

Yanks sign Randy Winn to 1 yr deal

January 27, 2010 3 comments

Via a tweet from Joel Sherman, the Yankees and OF Randy Winn have agreed to a 1 year deal, for about $2M.

While this may spell the end for a possible return for Johnny Damon, I really can’t argue against this signing.

Winn had a down year in ’09, hitting in pitcher-friendly AT&T Park with the Giants, but still plays plus defense. The numbers aren’t pretty, with a line of 262/.318/.353 and only two home runs hit. To his credit, he still had 33 doubles and 5 triples. Perhaps the new Yankee Stadium will help him out.

And so, the Brett Gardner Experience (v2.0) will most likely still be in place, with Winn and Hoffmann fighting Gardy for the starting job in left field come Spring Training.

After sending out a mass text to inform others of the news, Replies ranged from “works for me” to “ewww” and “3rd place 2010 AL East.”

All in all, I can’t get upset over a 4th outfielder who can play in all three spots and can switch-hit off the bench. And there’s still extra room in the Steinbrenner’s 2010 budget for Cashman to make a move near the Trade Deadline, should there be a need for one.

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