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ALDS Game 1: Yankees at Twins

October 6, 2010 2 comments

Outstanding piching performances in today’s first two Division Series games… Lee going for 7 IP with 10 K’s and 1 ER.  Oh, and Roy Halladay pitched a no-no against the Red’s high powered offense.

NY Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins

Target Field

8:37 start time, TBS

8:37 First pitch to Jeter, fastball from Liriano taken outside for a strike.

8:39 Jeter strikes out swinging.  We’re doomed.   /sarcasm

8:41 I wish the Yankees had a theme song like they did last year with “Empire State of Mind”

8:42 well that was quick.  3 up, 3 down, Twins coming up to bat in the bottom of the first

8:45 I’m really diggin the TBS Pitch Trax.

8:48 the big man fielding his position well, one out with that sac bunt, Span in scoring position with 1 out

8:51 CC gets Mauer swinging on a good breaking ball.

8:52 ground ball up the middle that CC tries to kick, through his legs and naturally Robbie Cano is behind the bag to throw out Young at first to end the inning.

8:57 ARod and Cano with bad swings on pitches, 2 quick outs.

9:02 2 runners on after Thames walks and Posada slaps a single through the right side.  Up to Granderson.

9:03 Caught.  One hopper to Cuddyer, steps on the bag to end the inning.

9:07 CC drills Thome in the right shoulder.  Clearly unintentional but will be interesting to see if there’s any retalliation.

9:08 and just like that it’s 2-0 as Michael Cuddyer hits a line drive over the centerfield wall into the trees.

9:12 Sabathia’s slider looks much better than his fastball so far

9:20 Gardner seeing a ton of pitches.. I like it.  Works a 7-pitch leadoff walk.  GGBG

9:25 Jeter drops one in front of Delmon Young in leftfield on a 3-2 offspeed pitch.  2 on, no out.

9:31 Liriano making us look silly.  Swisher and Teixeira fly out, Rodriguez goes down swinging.

9:41 with Hudson going on 3-2.  Mauer taps to Teix far off first, footrace to the bag and Teixeira slides for the out, but Hudson makes it to third hustling all the way

9:42 swing and a miss, and the pitch deflects off the heel of Posada’s pitch.  Ball rolls into Minnesota’s dugout and Hudson scores.  3-0 Twins.

9:46 Thome hits into the shift to Cano, to end the inning. Yankees coming up, and need to string together some hits before it’s too late

9:52 that inning ended so fast that I didn’t even know it happened until I heard the crowd roar as Posada was rung up by home plate umpire.  1-2-3 innings are killer at bat

10:03 Shit My Dad Says, “They gotta get goin here!”

10:07 Bill’s gettin angry.

10:22 Liriano sits down 10 straight.  Yankees beating themselves: CC’s hit-by-pitch

10:22: Almost forgot about Craig Sager’s Joker suits.  Atrocious.

10:23 Teix with a double.  Time to cash in and get rid of that goose egg.

10:26 ARod walks on 3-2 on a pitch that looked closer to the plate than Pitch Trax accounted for.  Cano up

10:27 Cano blasts one past Cuddyer at first into rightfield, almost took Alex’s legs out  Teix scores, not sure why ARod isn’t at third.  Thought Kubel’s arm was trash in RF?

10:33 pitch number 103 for Liriano is lined over the head of Orlando Hudson, Posada with his second hit to RF, this one an RBI single scoring ARod.  Teix stays put at third, 3-2 game in the sixth

10:36 Granderson quiets the crowd after hitting a mile high flyball off the electronic scoreboard in right-center.  2 come in as they were running with two outs and Grandy is on third, Minnesota going to the bullpen.

10:42 Need a shutdown inning from Carsten Charles

10:46 close call there, my father says “ohhh shiiiittttt kiss that baby goodbye” as I keep my eyes on Gardner, who settled right under it at the track.  Hit the weights, Delmon.

10:50 Gardner can’t come up with the catch, would have been quite the web gem.  Thankfully Thome was running and doesn’t score there.  Kubel up with 2 out, runners on second and third.

10:54 the rookie Valencia up with the bases loaded, Sabathia walks him to score the tying run.  Get it together big guy.

10:57 CC strikes out Hardy to end that threat, but so much for that “shutdown inning” as Twins tie game at 4.

11:03 Swishy goin up the middle, standing on 1st with 1 out, Teixeira and ARod up next.

11:07 the quietest home run I’ve ever seen.  No commentary, no crowd reaction.  A Teixecution!  Yankees back on top 6-4 in the top of the 7th.

11:15 ARod swipes second.  Haven’t seen him take off in so long

11:20 Logan the LOOGY’s in with Span, Hudson, Mauer due up in the 7th

11:29 great job by Logan, who gets first two lefty’s out, and Mauer grounds a ball into rightfield that Teixeira probably gets to.  Mauer’s on first now, Girardi going to his pen once again.

11:36 D-Rob gets Thome to swing at a curve in the dirt to end the inning after the walk to Young.  Interesting to see if you let Robertson start the 8th or hand it over to Kerry Wood.

11:54 Kerry Wood looks pretty nasty

11:58 gotta love infield hits.  Mo getting ready in the pen. 2 on, 1 out in the 8th.  I’d love a double play here, who wouldn’t?

12:00 got the ground ball, but hit too slowly to turn two.  Joe coming out the mound to take the ball, in comes #42.  In Mo We Trust.

12:07 After a 3-0 count, Rivera gets Span to ground to short to end the inning.Whew.

12:22 Line drive to Golson in right, makes a shoe string catch but umpires call it a base hit.  6 umpires for the ALDS and they all get it wrong.  Can see ARod mouthing, “no grass.”  Umps get together and keep the call.  Replays show its a catch.  Can you imagine if that’s how Game 1 ended?

12:24 no harm, no foul.  ARod catches Thome’s popup to third.  3 broken bats for Mo in the 9th, nice.

12:24 Ballgame over.  Yankees win Game 1 of the ALDS.  Bedtime.

Game 132: Oakland A’s vs. New York Yankees

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

August 31, 2010, 7:05 start, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY

7:07 Phil Hughes deals a first pitch strike to Coco Crisp, who was the subject of many boos from fans in the leftfield bleachers during last night’s game

7:17 Hughes induces a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning.  He’s getting good movement on his pitches.  Yankees coming to bat

7:20 Amazing that Gardner is still 7th in the league with a .389 OBP.  Thought he had been struggling lately.  And he slaps one to leftfield, vintage G.G.B.G.

7:22 there he goes!  I’d guess they run all over Suzuki tonight who has a strong throwing arm but doesn’t have great success throwing out baserunners

7:24 YES announcers mentioning that this is a homecoming for A’s starting pitcher Vin Mazzaro. I should have known he’s from north Jersey, that name wreaks of marinara sauce.

7:25 Gardy and Jeter pull off a double steal.  Speed kills.

7:28 Cano up, bases loaded and nobody out.  Minimum 2 runs in this inning, please.

7:34 Swisher grounds out to Ell—nevermind, he booted it away.  That’s a gift, makes up for the double play.  My father’s commentary, “If they give him a hit, I’ll shit on my front lawn.”  Yankees up 3-0.

7:35 Posada triples?  Everybody in the Yankee dugout laughing

7:37 My father once again: I like Tino, but he talks too god damn fast!  Perhaps I should write a sequel to “Sh*t My Dad Says”

7:44 Mark Ellis kicks ball outside of batter’s box, Posada given the putout.  “You just can’t predict baseball.”

7:47 Teixeira flashin some leather with his eyes closed on that rocket to first.  Never ceases to amaze me.

7:56 Hughes’ curve looks good tonight, nice bite.

8:03 Phil walks the bases loaded.  Not worried in the least bit.

8:04 Sac fly by Suzuki, 3-1 with two out.

8:06 He gets out of it, slow roller to Cano who flips to Jeter for the third out.  Whew

8:08 just saw the “Jeter’s got an Edge” Ford commercial.  Wondering where that went.

8:12 Love seeing Teixeira beat the shift, laser to rightfield over the secondbaseman, and landing before the rightfielder

8:17 Swishy gets the green light on 3-0 and crushes one into the second deck in rightfield.  He’s having some year

8:23 More Sh*t My Dad Says: “Hey Michael Kay’s getting married right?  What’s his name?”

8:29 Too many walks for Phil “Don’t Call me Phil” Hughes, not missing by much all night though.

8:35 Grandson hits a mammoth blast into the rightfield bleachers, 6-2 Yanks.

8:39 Granderson’s home run finally lands

8:43 Teixeira turns on a high fastball, makes it 9-2 with a three-run homer, his 30th of the season.  He’s red hot right now

8:44 after walking Cano, Vin Mazzaro’s night is over, and cartoon character Boof Bonser trots from the leftfield bullpen.

8:56 Hughes finishes the 5th inning with 98 pitches, in line to get the win.

9:09 Chad Gaudin in to clean up in a very lopsided game thus far.

9:10 Good point by Michael Kay, that Gaudin, Mitre, and recently (though for not much longer) Vazquez have really taken the pressure off of the short inning relief corps of Joba, Robertson, getting stretched too thin.  They’re always fresh for those high importance at bats

9:25 this game has turned lackluster because of the blowout, which has just been shortened as Gaudin gives up a moonshot to Eric Darton.  But he tried to go inside, can’t blame him for that.

9:53 Pena back! Track! Wall!  Caught.  Tough luck kid.  Had to add some excitement to this game who’s been laxadaisy for the past hour.

10:04 this one’s over, Yankees win their fourth straight by a final score of 9-3 as Teixeira steps on first for the final out.  “New York, New York” by Frank broadcast throughout the stadium.

10:12 Both the Rays and Red Sox lost tonight, so the Yankees have sole possession of first and Boston drops to 8 games back.  All is well in Yankeeland.

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