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ESPN:NY Article Review of the Jeter Contract Situation

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I only check the ESPN: New York satellite site because its a means of organization, that I can see Yankees, Giants, Jets, Devils, and Nets all on the same site instead of trying to find it on the main ESPN hub page.  I do this mostly for quick score updates of stats, as well as headlines.  I normally don’t read much beyond that, because in all honesty, it’s crap.  But I did come across one article yesterday from Ian O’Connor about a compromise between the Yankees’ camp and the Jeter camp that’s worth reading.  I was quite surprised to read along with and agree with O’Connor’s words, that rarely happens.

Here’s the article

Things I agree with:

  • The idea of a compromise, falling in between the Yankees’ initial offer of 3 years for $45 million, and Jeter’s belief that he’s still worth of $100 million.  The middle? 4 for $70m.
  • How Jeter has no leverage coming off his worst season statistically, at age 36, some terrible timing on his part.
  • How Jeter has beat the Yankees in terms of negotiating in the past, whether through arbitration years, or getting more money a few years after George Steinbrenner would not notarize a deal that was already set in place.
  • How Jeter is the reason Cashman normally won’t negotiate during the arbitration years for the youngsters.  I can only imagine the raise that Robinson Cano will get after his current contract is up, or what Phil Hughes’ first big contract since his signing bonus as a senior in high school will be.
  • The way the Steinbrenner brothers run the team financially (like night and day).  Hank awarded A-Rod with the massive contract full of options and monetary achievements, and Hal is pinching pennies on the Yankee captain.

Things I disagree with:

  • Mentioning how Jeter has been on record to compromise already, whether moving off of short in the future, or working on his defense in the offseason after a dinner with GM Brian Cashman.  Workout regimes and future hearsay are two totally separate things, especially when dollars are involved.  Just because someone compromises in one area doesn’t mean they will in another; a stupid assumption.
  • O’Connor getting cute by bringing his story full-circle with the Jordan-Washington Wizards and Toledo Mud Hens metaphor from the intro paragraph.  Just the kind of tackiness that keeps this article from being perfect, but I don’t expect anything less from ESPN: New York.

Hal Steinbrenner said things “could get ugly” and he was right, it has.  Of course, this is the ugly side of baseball, the whole negotiating game that isn’t played on a diamond with 90 ft. basepaths.  There have been numerous reports coming out on a daily basis of the “who said what” rant, and I’ve found myself overloaded and unsure of who to believe.  More numbers have been thrown around in the past few weeks then in an antique automobile auction.

What I do like in terms of the rest of the major leagues, is how Jeter is going to be paid well above market value.  Other premiere shortstops such as Troy Tulowitzki will use Jeter’s previous and current contracts to their advantage, possibly pricing himself out of Colorado, and perhaps ready to take over once the aging Jeter either calls it quits or (voluntarily) moves off the shortstop position.

So, things are getting a little sour.  Cashman says Jeter is free to test the open market and find a better deal.  Hal has stated that “we’re trying to run a business here.”  Jeter’s agent Casey Close may or may not have let his camp’s demands leak, and may or may not have tried to cover it up.  That’s what happens during negotiations in the offseason.

The Captain eluded questions from the media all season long about what would happen this offseason when his current contract expired.  We all understand why.  But let’s not forget what happened to Bernie Williams after the ’98 season.  Things are now both magnified and amplified due to new media and the timing of when we get ours news.  Thanks, Twitter.

“Heard this:”

July 24, 2010 1 comment

We’re less than a week away from the Trade Deadline.  Which means MLB Trade Rumors is where I spend my break at work on my phone, and I’ve upped my Twitter game in the last two weeks.

One thing I’ve caught on to that I get a kick out of every time i see it…. Buster Olney‘s “heard this.”  As of 11pm Saturday night, 9 of his last 20 tweets start with the phrase.  They’re not even Insider worthy information either (Obvious Buster is obvious)!

The most interesting news I’ve heard is about the Yankees being the front runners for Dan Haren in a possible swap with Arizona.  This deal could or could not involve Joba Chamberlain, but money seems to be the issue.  I would deal Joba, the same Joba that I own a pinstriped 08 jersey of, the same Joba that I may or may not name my next english bulldog after, the same Joba that I have a 6 foot Dunkin Donuts cardboard standee of.

Two things to be wary of regarding all of the news this week: taking news with a grain of salt & user comments and. I jumped the gun too soon a few weeks ago after the Cliff Lee deal fell short at the 1-yard line, informing friends and family of the “imminent deal.”  I learned that the media can be used for manipulation in trade talks.  I’m trying not to let it happen again with Haren.

  • Heard this: don’t believe it’s a done deal until the team’s PR person says it, not some beat writer.

Next, is to steer clear of any comments sections.  This is where original ideas such as trade proposals stem from.  Where we trade Jesus Montero for David Ortiz because we need a DH.

  • Heard this: “Your trade proposal sucks.” (h/t to RAB)
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