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Myerburg’s Take on the Yankees Off-Season

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment


In their effort to “cut payroll” they bring in Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson, Javier Vazquez, Randy Winn, and Chan-Ho Park, and get rid of Hideki Matsui, Phil Coke, Austin Jackson, Melky Cabrera, and Ian Kennedy.  I was fine with them not bringing back Damon and Matsui.  Damon could have still been productive, that’s for sure, but they wanted to get younger and didn’t want to pay him $13 million.  I understand that.  I just don’t see how bringing in Johnson, Vazquez, and Winn are supposed to be an upgrade at all.  I would have rather seen Melky and Brett Gardner patrolling left and center and letting them see what they can do over a full season, they play very good defense and their offense would be more than covered by their All-Stars, Jeter, Teixeira, A-Rod, Posada, and Robbie Cano.  Melky showed last year what he’s capable of, late game clutch hits, great defense, and a strong outfield arm.  Gardner covers centerfield as well as just about anyone in the game.  Some may see Granderson as an upgrade, but I see him as having the same type of production that Melky has.  They basically traded Melky away because they had an older, more proven version of him.

When they brought Randy Winn in as a left field choice I basically lost faith in Cashman and the Yankee regime.  How is Randy Winn a viable option for a Yankee team that is looking to defend a World Championship?  He is 35 years old and coming off a terrible season with the Giants in the NL West with inferior pitching.  How is bringing in Javier Vazquez supposed to be an upgrade?  His last game as a Yankee he self imploded in the 2004 ALCS against the Red Sox, his last pitch being the Grand Slam to Johnny Damon to ice the game.  One quick look at his Baseball-Reference page will tell you he has a career 4.52 ERA in the American League, even in the inferior National League his ERA is a career 4.02 ERA.  While his WHIP is a respectable 1.2 in both leagues, his high ERA shows he seems to struggle when those guys get on base.  Now he’s pitching in a hitter’s park where fly balls seem to make their way to River Ave.  You may look at his stats from last year and think it’s an upgrade over Hughes or Joba in the starting role, however he had a career year, and the last time the Yankees went after a pitcher with a high career ERA having an abnormally good year was a guy by the name of Carl Pavano and we all know how that one went.  If the Yankees had just let Damon and Matsui walked and brought back the youngsters they traded away: Jackson, Coke, Melky, Kennedy and let them play I would have given them an A grade, why fix something that’s broken, right?  Kennedy showed signs of greatness in 2007 and then floundered in 2008 because he was thrust into a role he wasn’t ready to fulfill.  Is that enough to give up on him?  I would have liked to have seen Kennedy, Hughes, and Joba compete for the two starting rotation spots in spring training and the loser go to the bullpen.  Phil Coke was not a main part of the team last year but he was a very capable left out of the bullpen, a lot more capable than the lefty they got from the Braves in the Vazquez deal Boone Logan who has a career 5.78 ERA and a 1.692 WHIP.  I just don’t understand the moves they made this year; it looks to me like they made deals just to satisfy the fans by making a move.  If they had just stuck with the plethora of young talent they had and let them show their talents either on the big club this year or with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

I will look towards the 2010 with hopes of another title, but it seems like a far away dream with a team with Randy Winn, Nick Johnson, and Javier Vazquez on it.  When they finish 3rd behind the young phenom pitching talent of the Rays let by David Price, Matt Garza, and James Shields, and the Red Sox with their plethora of pitching and improved defense you can just look back at February 24, 2010 and say I was right.

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