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Cheap Seats

Last night, Berkman made his way over to the same warning track in foul territory that he slipped on earlier in the game. This time, wearing metal spikes, caught the pop-up to end the game after Mariano Rivera came in for three outs to end Game 5 and force a Game 6 Friday night.

I glanced to my left to give high fives all around, yelling out WE’RE GOIN TO TEXAS, BABY!  Rudy Giuliani passed me by, and then Mayor Bloomberg followed suit, exiting into a cavern on the other side of the moat in front of section 121a.

Wait, what?

Somehow, I ended up with a ticket to last night’s game.  It was my first Yankee playoff game.  I had been looking to go Tuesday night for around $100-$125 and sit somewhere without an obstructed view.  Not only was it my first playoff game, it was my first time in one of the Legends Suites at the new stadium, in Section 121a, 20 rows behind home plate.

I got a text from my father around 12:15 yesterday afternoon, asking if I wanted to go.  It was an easy decision to leave early from my 1pm class to get ready and be on my way with my step-brother Will and two of his friends to the Bronx.

Whatever Girardi said to the team after Game 4 worked, because we know that the Yankees beat the Rangers in a very one-sided game with a final score of 7-2.  Swisher, Cano, and Granderson hit solo shots, after Posada chugged a run in after two errant throws and the Yankees never looked back.  Sabathia worked in and out of trouble, allowing 11 hits in 6 innings but only giving up two runs.  He performed like a true ace, as he led his team to victory while their backs were up against the wall.

While every Yankee blog and beat reporter has a full game story posted, I figured this was my chance to share my thoughts on the Legends seats.

First off, they’re not seats, they’re La-Z-Boys with tons of room.

Next, the view is unreal.  It’s one thing to stand behind the plate at a minor league stadium, but in the Bronx, it’s easily the best view in the house.  I’m used to squinting from the bleachers, so this was a nice change of scenery.

As far as the wait staff, we wound up waiting a while.  Agitation set in between innings as we noticed people around us were getting their orders before us, even though they ordered after us.  I didn’t mind because it wasn’t my chicken tenders that were late to our seats, I made way to my lucky stadium dinner, the BBQ chicken sandwich from the Southern BBQ stand in the leftfield corner.  Swisher and Cano hit back to back jacks while I was covered in BBQ sauce, so the trend continues that they score runs while I’m stuffing my face, unable to clap or stand to cheer.

I’ve long said that the Bleacher Creatures are the best fans to be around in the stadium, and I thought that the home plate seats were full of businessman who attended games as if it were the thing to do, not because of their love for the Yankees.  I was wrong.  These fans are into every pitch, and possess real baseball knowledge.  This whole time, I thought they were talking about politics and supply-demand graphs and charts.

Next up is another do or die game, just like Game 5 was.  This time, they’re back in Texas, and St. Phil takes the mound.  As long as the bats show up like they did last night and Phil doesn’t completely blow it, they’ll force a Game 7 and face some guy Lee… but Game 6 comes first, and every player wearing pinstripes knows that.

Here’s my video of Mo coming in for the 9th:


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